Spirituality and presence

Our life took the path of the Lord when we discovered prayer. And the first thing we learned was that we were not able to pray.
So, since that moment, we began to desire with all our hearts and minds to learn to pray. And God, with all His goodness, taught us.
Praying is sharing time with God, wishing Him to live in our hearts and thinking and hoping for what He likes.
Prayer does not happen just in fixed moments, individual or shared, but it leads us to the presence of our Lord.
Thus, prayer becomes life and life becomes a continuous prayer. We, as many other people who share our same path, become witnesses of an invisible but however real teaching for the people of our time, always so distracted, but anyway so worried.
This was the role of Mary for Her Son and Her people, and this is the reason why She is so important to us.
She is a model of presence in the world that we wish to follow and the intermediary for our most important prayers.

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