The Arsenal in the Square

If Sermig could do it, it would like to carry all its activities outside, beyond its walls and perform them in the squares and in the streets, among the people living in the different cities in which it operates.

In Turin, in 2007, the doors of the Arsenal of Peace opened on the front square and the young people from Sermig began to live that space and met children and other young people, from six to eighteen, of many different nationalities. There were Moroccans, Tunisians, Egyptians, Albanians, Romanians, Somalis, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Ivorians, Congoleses, Iranians, Chineses, Peruvians, Venezuelans and much more.

The square became a shared place in which to meet and play, and an increased knowledge of the needs of its young users brought to the creation of planned opportunities of socialisation and integration, both for them and their families.

The "Arsenal in the Square” is a project created by Sermig for minors living in the multiethnic neighbourhood of Porta Palazzo. This project derives from the belief that differences are a treasure, if everyone agrees to share the same rights and duties, respecting the rules and laws of the place in which they live.
Within a neighbourhood in which crime is widespread and many families have financial, social and housing problems, “The Arsenal in the Square” is a space of meeting and dialogue in which everyone speaks Italian and children and young people of different cultures and religions meet every day to learn respect and collaboration and become good citizens of tomorrow.

Who our project is addressed to

Seventy-five children from primary school and 125 students from secondary school take part in our activities, in addition to 250 minors joining us for summer camps. Each child can join “The Arsenal in the Square” at least three times a week.

Educational projects

We also offer academic support with a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 and educational workshops, keeping regular contacts with the schools of the neighbourhood, social services of Circoscrizione 6 and 7 and the unit of Children Neuropsychiatry of the local health authority ASL TO2. In addition to this, we help children choosing and planning their high school career, in collaboration with the free service of COSP, and host traineeships and research projects from the University of Turin.


The sports centre “Polisportiva A.S.D. Sermig” offers: two five-a-side football teams playing in the FIGC and UISP tournaments;
an athletics team, in collaboration with “Runner Team ’99” association; basketball classes, with “5Pari” association; aikido classes, with “Dojo ken yu shin” school; dance classes, with “Nuovo Teatro Studio Danza” school; and circus performance classes, with “Uniti per crescere insieme” foundation.

For the families

For the families in need, Sermig offers social assistance and psychological care services, hospitality and a health clinic within the Arsenal of Peace.

Our network

Sermig collaborates with: Parrocchia di San Gioacchino, Asai organisation, Zhi-Song Chinese-Italian sociocultural organisation, Cottolengo organisation, A.M.E.C.E. cultural and educational organisation, Cecchi-Point multicultural centre, “Parole in movimento” non-profit organisation and many other institutions.

Our project “The Arsenal in the Square” is possible thanks to the help of more than 180 volunteers.

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