Spiritual self-examination

We can guide our lives

towards the Truth

if, as we take care of our body,

we take care of our thoughts, our heart,

our will and our spirit, too.

Conscience, when enlightened by the look

of Jesus, hanging on the cross,

and guided by the Holy Ghost,

is able to pervade ourselves

and our actions,

reveal each compromise

and guide us towards the Truth.

Our conscience is able to dissolve our ego within God,

so that it does not prevent His plans

for us and our Brotherhood.

It make us

salt and yeast,

to make God more visible.

Conscience, when revived

by frequent reconciliation

and oriented by the guide of the spirit,

helps us being grateful and loyal.

Spiritual self-examination is a very useful tool

we can use

to take control of our lives

with courage and determination.

I hope with all my heart

that whoever decides to follow our Rule,

when seeing our Lord hanging on the cross

and feeling His love,

may also feel their conscience,

every single day.

In the morning, to highlight the points

on which to focus

at the beginning of the day,

and in the evening,

to reflect on the day that has just finished.

But also at midday, during the Angelus,

with the help of the Virgin Mary.

I propose a spiritual self-examination

and a weekly common one

to keep us vigilant about our actions,

our thoughts, our prayer,

our intentions and our responses,

to be faithful

to the love of our Lord.


«Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realise that Christ Jesus is in you?» (Corinthians 2, 13, 5)

Comment by Mons.Pollano

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