Continuous development

Whoever enters our community

shall be ready to take

a complete and unconditional commitment

to God and His love,

to become an instrument

of His will.

You need years to prepare

to this commitment

and live it constantly,

with devotion and wonder,

but what is more important is that everyone

is conscious

of entering a path of development,

both individual and with the community,

that will last for their whole life.

Everyone should be conscious

that only a balanced development

of the body, the heart and the mind

makes us meek instruments

in the hands of God.

The friends of our community

have spaces

for their meetings, for individual prayer,

study and meditation of the Word of God,

common prayer and Eucharist.

They are always searching for dialogue

with the men and women of God,

as spiritual helpers,

teachers shaped by time,

life and silence,

able to recognise

the action of Grace

and to suggest how to collaborate with it.

They also have a continuous dialogue

with the “world of goodwill”

that often thinks not to believe,

but that, thanks to its disciplined way of thinking,

has always kept developing a dialogue with us

and has often donated us flashes of wisdom

to understand the signs of the times.

This openness

is a necessary condition

for habits

not to extinguish the vocation and other gifts from God.


«If you see a man of prudence, seek him out; let your feet wear away his doorstep» (Sirach 6, 36).

Comment by Rosanna Tabasso

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