Visit us

To whoever wishes to meet us or wants to know us better, we suggest to come to our place, because we think it is the best thing you can do.

After having booked your place by calling our secretaryship, you will be able to visit the Arsenal of Peace or participate in weeks or weekends of learning and sharing.

This opportunity is really for everyone, from the young to the elderly, for schools, groups, families and also business companies that wish to offer a new experience to their employees.

We offer follow-up weeks and weekends to allow people to experience and share the life of our Brotherhood. It is really important to wholly live this experience that consists of:
workshops and follow-up meetings related to themes like global ethics, sharing, hospitality, peace and the event “Giovani della Pace”, spirituality and the Scriptures, music and singing. Those workshops are moments of dialogue and self-growth, in which to experience life at the Arsenal and meet the people who take part in it.

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