Moments of prayer

Under normal conditions, the prayer times of the Fraternity of Hope are open to all, but due to the covid-19 pandemic, since March 2020 we have suspended all face-to-face meetings with volunteers and friends of the community. The measure serves to protect from contagion and contribute to the stay of people at home, avoiding contamination.
To all those who want to remain in communion with God by praying with us, even if they are not physically at the Arsenal, we suggest here some moments and times of prayer. Some are broadcast live, others not, but in any case they are a way to be in communion with us and with the world.
Special times, with live on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, were previously disclosed in our profiles on these same platforms.

Monday to Friday:
7:30: Celebration of Mass and morning prayer (Lauds)
12h: Midday prayer (Angelus)
15h: Prayer of the Rosary | Live on fb/nsaparecidaferroviarios
19:30: Evening Prayer (Vespers)

8 pm: Community prayer and formation | Live on youtube/arsenaldobrasil

11 am: Celebration of Mass (Sunday liturgy) | Live on youtube/arsenaldobrasil

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