Support the Arsenal of Hope- CORONAVIRUS Upgrade

The Arsenals in the world live on restitution and gratuitousness. If people didn't help us in a few days they would fail.
We need concrete help in money, time and material and we are not afraid to ask why we trust in the generosity of the people thanks to whom this Arsenal of Hope can continue to welcome thousands and thousands of men who would otherwise live on the street.

Every day we welcome 1,200 men to whom we offer dinner and breakfast, a place to sleep, to store their luggage, have someone to talk to and participate in professional training and literacy courses.
You can choose to allocate your help to our reception and every euro donated will be expertly used.
The grace that rises from the lives found, ours and others', is endless.


"And where do you sleep tonight?"
We stay at home with someone who doesn't have a home.

The Arsenale della Speranza has always been a welcoming home. In these delicate days for the whole world and for our dear Brazil, we have become a quarantine house for all our hundreds and hundreds of guests. We are probably the largest quarantine house in the world!

Our reception has extended for everyone to ALL day.

We must comply with strict safety measures: we are trying to equip ourselves with all the necessary and possible tools and precautions at this moment.

Lunch was added to the meals we already gave to our guests. We are also looking for solutions to shade the avenues of our home to give a protected space even during the day.

All this obviously has a great cost.

Support the welcome at the Arsenale della Speranza:
c / c payable Associazione SERMIG RE.TE. PER LO SVILUPPO ONLUS 

IBAN        IT29P0306909606100000001481

Causal "Arsenale della Speranza - Emergenza Coronavirus"

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