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PROJECT: the Arsenal of Hope

São Paulo of Brazil

São Paulo municipality and its office for assistance and social development, Organisation for the Family and local Universities.

1. Transformation of a “house of sorrow” into a shelter of hope for people coming from the streets
2. Sharing ideas and life paths with young Brazilian and adults to unlock the great potential of their country
3. Project “Growing Forest”: dignity through sharing

1. Search of technological solutions for the needs of the Arsenal of Hope performed by the experts and technicians of RE.TE. Group at Sermig
2. Fundraising

The Arsenal of Hope was founded in 1996 in São Paulo of Brazil, within the building that once hosted the Hospedaria dos Imigrantes. From 1886 since the 1950s, the complex was a reception centre for millions of people coming from all around the world (almost a million of which were Italians). They stayed in isolation in that “House of Sorrow” for forty days before reaching the plantations of coffee and cotton to work there in place of the slaves. Today, it is a house for the poorest, the “sofredores de rua”, people coming to the city from the suburbs in search of a new job and a new life.
Every day, the Arsenal of Hope offers around 12.000 people a clean bed, breakfast, all the necessary for their personal hygiene, medical care, art therapy workshops, literacy classes, job training, circus performance and theatre classes, a library, a cinema, a choir, sport activities, a bazar and a self-help group for alcoholics and drug addicts, with the aim of restoring dignity and promote social reintegration.
So, the Arsenal has become a place of meeting for different associations, young people and families who wish to grow up through dialogue and actions of peace, solidarity and justice. The former Hospedaria also houses a newly refurbished night shelter for 400 people.
In addition to this,on the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI visit to Brazil on May 2007, the Arsenal of Hope decided to give a clear sign about the transformation of hardships into opportunities. So, the project “Growing Forest” was launched. A popular saying goes “A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest”, but in Brazil, beyond the trees of the Amazonia, also too many young people fall, victims of violence, crime and drugs, so that they almost do not make noise anymore. The most difficult challenge for them is to recover a sense of their value and leave their life in the streets completely behind.
Experience taught to our Brotherhood that even those who think to be the poorest among the poor can find enough strength and talent within to change not only themselves, but also the world. So, the hosts of the Arsenal of Hope are spurred to rediscover their potential through civic actions of solidarity in favour of the poor and the whole community of São Paulo, including: blood donations, visits to the elderly, to children and prisoners, collaborations with the Red Cross, refurbishment and cleaning of accommodation facilities for the elderly and minors, public streets and parks.


The Arsenal costs 11.000 euros per day. If you wish, you can support this project with a contribution of 10 euros per day or 300 euros per month, per host.


Your financial help can be sent through:
(postal current account) c.c.p. n. 29509106 on the name of “Sermig, Piazza Borgo Dora 61, 10152 Torino - Italia”
(bank account) c/c bancario on the name of “Associazione Sermig Re.Te. per lo Sviluppo”
IBAN IT29P0306909606100000001481 - causale (reason) “Brasile - Pane Quotidiano”

Thanks to all the Italian people who believe in us and choose to donate a part of their income to the Catholic Church in Italy. Through 8x1000, it has been possible to provide real help and improve our activity in Brazil.

We also want to thank CEI for their approval for our last project for the refurbishment of some areas of the Arsenal of Hope and the building of a new well to face water emergencies.

Spaces for outdoor activities were reorganised, made safe and available for all the people who come to the Arsenal every day.

Another indoor space was refurbished to become a new shelter for people coming from the streets and a place in which to run new job training courses.

It has been a real help in taking care of many people, with commitment and responsibility. It has been a real help, and we are deeply thankful for it because it allows us to donate a future to those who come to our Arsenal without any hope and rediscover life.

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