Project "Vita ai bambini"

From the 5th of September 2016, Torre dell’Eremo has become the Arsenal of Harmony, and a small brotherhood from Sermig permanently lives there since then. The rooms of the first floor are dedicated to the project “Vita ai Bambini”, a temporary accommodation for children and young people with major illnesses. They are mainly foreign people, coming from the poorest countries of East Europe, Central Asia and South America, where there are no adequate medical facilities to treat them. These young patients are helped by international organisations working in defence of the rights of sick children (especially Lifeline Onlus and ATMO Onlus), together with the Hospital Social Services (especially the Children’s Hospital Regina Margherita of Turin).

Sermig offers a house to the little patients and their families for the whole period of treatment, bu also for the following trimestral, semestral and annual check-ups, sometimes necessary even five years after the first examinations. The average time of stay for each family is around one year and a half and a homely environment and the presence of the Brotherhood and volunteers from Sermig provides for the children a friendly atmosphere and many recreational and educational activities. We also provide a homeschooling service. The families too can find help and support to go through a difficult and delicate time.

Foto: Max Ferrero

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