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We all are volunteers. Being a volunteer is a choice coming from the heart and from an open mind.

An open mind lights up the heart transforming empathy into constant and sincere dedication, able to give a future and instil hope. The heart opens the eyes on problems, difficult situations and the needs of the others, putting aside indifference, refusal and even thoughtlessness. At Sermig Arsenals, our volunteers work to spread “goodness that disarms”. Firstly, they need to disarm themselves, to be able to then make harmless all the difficult situations with which they come into contact: hunger, poverty, disadvantage, disease, prostitution, failure, jail, a lost job, family difficulties, problems related to immigration, child maintenance, life in a multiethnic environment and much more. The people that choose this path experience the cycle of sharing. Is there something you have that you can freely share with others? For sure there is, if you just stop for a moment and think about it. Who you are and what you have does not derive just from you, but it actually is the result of a network of relationships, and it is in a constant connection with everything around you. So, you can share your time and make it circulate, like your knowledge, your skills, your whole self and even your money, if you wish to. And nothing will go lost because, when good is made well, resources seem to multiply.

It is actually so incredible that a small gesture or even unselfish openness can originate such a huge wave of positive consequences. To be a volunteer, you do not need to follow a certain e religion, be either a man or a woman, young or old; you just need to be human. The goodness we make to create a better society lasts forever and all our Arsenals work thanks to sharing and free gestures. If people did not support us, we would close all of them in a few days. All the people and lives you will help will thank you forever.

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