Global Village

Global Village

Since 1994 Re.Te is also in Cumiana, guest of the Salesian house. This site is the incubator of all Re.Te’s technical and scientific experiments.

A hundred volunteers support the various initiatives: coming from Piscina, Cumiana, Sangano, Volvera, Piossasco, Frossasco, Airasca, Cantalupa, Pinerolo, Buriasco, Turin… they carry out on average 700 hours of volunteer work per month.

We meet and work together several times a week, but on Saturday afternoon you can attend and participate in a real "liturgy of commitment".

We called it Global Saturday, the Saturday of the global village.

From the global village 400 tons of materials per year are shipped for the world's poor and needy.

In the area of ​​the Global Village, in addition to performing scientific experiments to develop and research solutions to hunger, cold and thirst in the world, there are various gardens, classic and soilless, where those who want to learn how to be a gardener or who through the garden recover a small income because they are unemployed, with "tutors": expert farmers who share their skills and decades of experience in the field.

These gardens also produce vegetables for the kitchen of the Arsenal of Peace (Arsenale della Pace).

The Global Village is the training ground where the theory from development projects mixes with the earth, with the effort of loading trucks, with preparing the materials and with being patient in finding the right electronic circuit for the problem to be solved.


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