Support the Meeting Point Arsenal

PROJECT: the Meeting Point Arsenal

Madaba, Jordan


1. Giving to disabled children the opportunity to go
to school and develop their skills
2. Favouring the meeting of Christians and Muslims
3. Promotion of activities for young people

Raise awareness and support, also through the sale of objects made by the children at school.

We, the people of Sermig, believe that peace in the Middle East is fundamental. In particular, we hope to be able to make walls between religions fall and make a dialogue start, thanks to shared humanity and charity. This is the reason why Sermig is active in Jordan, through its Meeting Point Arsenal in Madaba, a town of 70.000 inhabitants located 30 kilometres south-west of Amman. This Arsenal deals particularly with disability. One in ten people in Jordan has a physical or mental disability that makes social integration difficult, especially for young people, both Christian and Muslim.
Unfortunately in Jordan, the basic techniques of assistance and rehabilitation for disabled are not so spread and those people are often marginalised or hidden, as if they were a shame in front of the community. Our Arsenal hosts 193 people, both Christian and Muslim, from 6 to 35 years old. Many of the disabilities they have would not prejudice their integration in a workplace, after they finish their studies. In addition to providing school and working activities for the disabled, the Meeting Point Arsenal also supports their families, often left isolated because of prejudices and indifference. It is a place of meeting and spirituality for Christian families, young people and volunteers.
Thanks to all the activities it organises, from games to art, from sports to workshops, the Arsenal has become a place of meeting for disabled and able-bodied people, a place of education and empathy, of hospitality and dialogue.

The average monthly cost for the Meeting Point Arsenal is 20.000 euros, salaries included, but voluntary work and donations excluded. The cost to send one of our children to school is 7 euros per day and 210 euros per month.


If you wish to help us with a financial donation, you can send it to:
postal current account number 29509106 on the name of “Sermig, Piazza Borgo Dora 61, 10152 Torino - Italia”
bank account on the name of “Associazione Sermig Re.Te. per lo Sviluppo”
IBAN IT29P0306909606100000001481 - reason “Giordania - Pane Quotidiano”

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