Every day,

for our whole life,

we can try to change,

we can desire it

with all our souls


we can finally say to ourselves:

I am free.

I know rivalry no more,

against no-one and nothing.

I abandoned it.

I do not look people in their eyes

or at what they wear,

but I look at their heart.

There, I can find a treasure

that makes me richer

and goodness that elevates me.


cannot enter me.

I made myself free

of deadlines, money,


I made myself free of enemies.

I do not need them.

I found myself happy to serve,

happy to listen,

happy to learn.

Happy to belong to God,

happy that He found me,

happy to feel loved by Him.

I am simply a person.

A friend.


«Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.» (Matthew, 11, 29b).

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