Our guiding Spirit

Loving with all the hearth, as God does,

Reciprocating evil with good,

Goodness that disarms,

Accepting the unexpected,

Understanding differences,

Complete commitment, like Mary,

The freedom of choosing to commit,

The freedom of being together,

The freedom of sharing,

Single drops that form an ocean,

Gratitude in the heart,

Single people doing small things,

Single people doing great things,

A welcoming family,

Meaningful silence,

The force of prayer,

Faith making the impossible possible,

Light defeating darkness,

Humility able to build,

Sharing the burdens of our neighbours,

Turning “I” into “us”

Being happy of making someone else happy,

Sharing joys and sorrows,

Taking care of each other,

Making good well,

The value of a moment,

Committing to peace,

The force of hope,

Being like the wind for the sail,

Loving life,

Being humble, but full of God,

Being friends of Jesus, in His Spirit, at the presence of the Father.


«See thou never do to another what thou wouldst hate to have done to thee by another. Eat thy bread with the hungry and the needy, and with thy garments cover the naked. […] Seek counsel always of a wise man. Bless God at all times: and desire of him to direct thy ways, and that all thy counsels may abide in him.» (Tobias 4, 16-17 19-20).

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