Working together

The Arsenal of Hope has been able to help millions of people, both in Italy and all around the world, thanks to the help and support of many volunteers and friends.
We are not ashamed to ask for help, because we trust God’s Providence, each time embodied in a new name or face that answers to our request.
If you wish to help us, you can contribute with your time, ideas and abilities, or with a financial donation.

Food, education and development are the main objectives that we wish to achieve through the projects we directly run or those we support in different parts of the world, to give tangible and durable answers to the fundamental needs of growth and employment. Sermig promotes the sharing of abilities, professionalism, competences, work and financial support with the community and with those in need as its form of fundraising. So, if you wish, you can support one of the following projects that Sermig is running in Italy or abroad.

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