February 1, 1996, the Arsenal of Hope is born

Il 1 febbraio 2021 l'Arsenale della Speranza di San Paolo del Brasile compie 25 anni. Storia di volti, di attese, di speranze. Storia di persone aiutate e che hanno aiutato. Storia di fede, storia di Dio. 

Guarda il documentario "Dall'Italia al Brasile. L'Arsenale della Speranza" in uscita in anteprima lunedi 1 febbraio in diretta su "Piazza Giovani" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROWcWt95NA4

Trailer del documentario "Dall'Italia al Brasile. L'Arsenale della Speranza"

The no changed to yes: Rosanna and Ernesto's testimonies on what should have been a no and has become a yes that has grown over the years.


No sooner said than done: the welcoming of street men begins and soon the guests become hundreds.



Dom Luciano talks about the Arsenal of Hope

L'Arsenale della Speranza dedicato a dom Luciano: March 2008.


Celebration for the 20 years: photos of the event (2016).


Brazil: Arsenal and Hope: a story of welcome.



Libro "Due amici"

Luciano Mendes - Ernesto Olivero - due amici si raccontano
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The "Growing Forest"


By helping me, I help (by Marco Vitale): the 1200 guests of the Arsenale della Speranza make themselves available to improve the metropolis of San Paolo.

All the best possible (by Lorenzo Nacheli): the Arsenale is not just a bed or a meal, it is a profound project built together with the guests.

The "forest" of the urban jungle (by Simone Bernardi): dialogue with the neighborhood and the city ...


The parish of Casaluce

Casaluce Parish on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paroquiacasaluce/.


... in time of Covid







The social pages of the Arsenal of Hope:


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