Cesare Falletti

Father Cesare Falletti grew up in Rome where he completed all his studies, up to the license in theology. For a short time he was vice rector of the seminary for adult vocations in Turin. In 1971 he entered the Cistercian Order at the Abbey of Lérins and later, in 1995, he founded the Dominus Tecum monastery in Pra 'd Mill (province of Cuneo and diocese of Saluzzo), of which he has been the prior.

He has been a friend of the Fraternity of Hope for some time and collaborates with the monthly "Nuovo Progetto", for which he has held numerous columns over the years.


Meetings at the Arsenal of Paece:


Articles on society and poverty:


Reflections on openness to others and the good to be built:


Meditations on faith and the spiritual life:


Liturgical and biblical reflections:

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