2 agosto 1983, una fabbrica di armi diventa fabbrica di pace

Where the stories begin

The history of Turin's old military arsenal.


Only Love won

A reflection by Rosanna Tabasso in the months following the delivery of the Arsenale to the Sermig.


The miracle of the Arsenale

A reflection by Ernesto Olivero in the months following the delivery of the Arsenale to the Sermig.


Adventures of the Arsenale

Providence and the help of many allow the transformation of the arsenal.


August 2, 2003

After two decades, the Arsenal is and continues to be an open door to the world and to young people.


20 years later ...

I remember the first 20 years of Arsenale through the stories of those who helped make it a place of peace.


Four challenges of the Arsenale

Faith and openness to the world and to young people with goodness continue to be the challenges of the present.


28 years of Arsenale

28 years of hope and the story continues ...


Arsenal 29

From 2 August 2012 the Turin Church has instituted the feast of "Maria Madre dei Giovani".


Maria, Mother of young people

The face of a Mother who watches over the Arsenal and especially the new generations.


The Arsenale celebrates the first 30 years

Texts and videos from the 30th anniversary of the Arsenale della Pace.


Peace wins

The story of Giuseppe, who had known the military arsenal and after decades finds it transformed into the Arsenal of Peace.


Press Review 1983


Press Review 2013


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