Le Ragioni della Pace


The history of Sermig, from 1964 to today, is the story of a journey towards Peace.

The transformation of a military arsenal in Turin, which produced weapons up until the end of the Second World War, into the first Arsenal of Peace, a welcome home where everyone can choose to embrace a new life, is its milestone, symbol of a method and a culture of peace, which we try to live in everyday life and which we propose to everyone we meet, because we strongly believe that it is the only possible path for all humanity.

Our history says that it is possible and for this reason, we have created this in-depth study on the Reasons for Peace, collecting the reflections that we have written over time. Rereading them, perhaps decades later, we realize how, as the specific events of each historical era change, the reasons for peace persist in their substance and continue to speak to everyone.


A long journey

Sermig's 60-year dream.


The reasons for peace

The union of many to make a cry for peace heard.


Let's redesign the world starting from young people and peace

The 1st World Youth for Peace Meeting which took place in Turin in October 2022, the first of many events which have taken place in many Italian cities and involving thousands of young people, is the occasion to draw up the Youth Charter and a summary document on peace presented to the Brazilian president in Brasilia on 13 May 2003.


Preventive justice is preventive peace

The final document of the 2nd World Meeting, held in Asti on 3 October 2004, states: We live in a tragic and cruel period, characterized by preventive wars and terrorist fanaticism. No one is safe anymore... Ours is a cry of fear, an appeal to the world: "We reject preventive war and proclaim that only "preventive peace" can lead to peace"...


Sermig and peace

Sermig's philosophy on peace


The road of hate does not lead to tomorrow

For a "culture" of widespread peace


The 999 steps of peace

A long journey on the roads of the world to bring hope


Peaceful, let's make peace

A daily education to build bridges where there are fractures


Only love disarms

The 4th World Meeting of Youth for Peace


Serve peace

Let's educate ourselves about peace

Rosanna Tabasso's reflections on peace


On the right side

Sandro Calvani reflects on witnessing peace on a global level


Peace in government

The idea of ​​a "Ministry of Peace"


Peace what can I do for you?

Ernesto and the brotherhood write for a hope that does not give up even in the face of tragedies.


"Peace, peace, peace"

From Sermig, Ernesto Olivero's cry for a new world (Agensir).

Voices of peace

Ernesto Olivero: let us pray to testify that humanity can be reborn (Avvenire).


The strength of those who participate

Guido Morganti retraces the reflections and the "hourglass of the 20th century" of Giorgio Ceragioli (figure on the side).


Peace exhibitions

Over the years, our reflections on peace have also become summaries in posters, our Peace Exhibitions, which have inhabited our offices and squares in the public meetings we have organised. They have become a tool for reasoning together with young people of all times on the Reasons for Peace.

Here are the main collections.

Peace is Worthwhile - 2018

One World in Peace - 1988 (before the fall of the Berlin Wall)


Reflections by Mons. Pollano on peace



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