In Brazil the first parish entrusted to Sermig

Publish date 04-03-2016



A few days before the thanksgiving ceremony for the 20 years of life of the Arsenal of Hope - which will take place next March 12, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, presided over by the Archbishop, Cardinal Odilo Scherer - the "novelty" is another: this is the first parish entrusted to Sermig - Fraternity of Hope.
Saturday 27 February 2016 Father Lorenzo Nacheli and Father Simone Bernardi, of Sermig - Fraternity of Hope and Fidei Donum missionaries of the diocese of Turin, respectively, took on the role of parish administrator and collaborator in the parish dedicated to Our Lady of Casaluce, in Brás district, central area of ​​the city of Sao Paulo.
Monsignor Eduardo Vieira dos Santos, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of San Paolo, who presided over the celebration and officially conferred the mandate, said during the homily: "Father Lorenzo and Father Simone take on this new 'mission' together with all of us , the bishop, the other priests, the inhabitants of this area and together with their community, the Fraternity of Hope, who promptly responded to the archbishop's invitation to carry out this service to the Church. Today's Gospel (Lk 13: 1-9) reminds us that we are all called to 'bear fruit', so that when the Lord calls the people of Casaluce to Himself, this community will have its hands full of good fruits to offer " .

The church of the Madonna di Casaluce has a strong historical link with the Hospedaria de Imigrantes, the large structure of the Government of the State of São Paulo which, from 1886 until the 1950s, welcomed millions of migrants from all over the world. Almost a million came from Italy and it was they who built what are now the traditional Italian neighborhoods of Brás, Mooca, Bixiga ...
A few steps from the ancient Hospedaria, transformed into the Arsenal of Hope since 1996, a group of immigrants from Caserta founded a small chapel 116 years ago, at the end of what is now Rua Caetano Pinto, in Brás.
The first chapel at the beginning was a house between the houses, which began to be known as the "house of light", Casaluce, because it housed the replica of the Marian image of the Campania region of origin and some chairs for the Catholic faithful of the neighborhood . Then began the construction of what today, while continuing to be a small church, is known throughout San Paolo because it hosts the oldest Italian festival in the metropolis.

Now it's up to us - as requested by Monsignor Eduardo - to make this house grow among houses, to make it accessible to anyone, animated by the contribution of each one to serve everyone. We just have to follow the wind of these first 20 years of Arsenale della Speranza, of these first 51 years of Sermig, which taught us that all things, and all houses, even the most impossible, are born and are always transformed starting from what you can do ... He takes care of what you can't.
Arsenal of Hope - San Paolo
Some photos of the celebration of February 27:

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