Reflections in Time of Covid 19

This section is a collection of thoughts, articles and reflections of the Sermig Fraternity and of some collaborators of our magazine Nuovo Progetto, which emerge from having experienced the Coronavirus pandemic that in this first part 2020 has hit all humanity hard.
Following a chronological order of publication, we offer them to all those who have the pleasure of cultivating thoughts, motivations and even spirituality with us, to start better than before.

We believe this is only possible by stopping for a moment to reflect.


From Nuovo Progetto of April 2020:


From Nuovo Progetto of May 2020:


From Nuovo Progetto of June-July 2020:


From Nuovo Progetto of August-Septembre 2020:

  • A breath of fresh air: an (extra) ordinary story that nourishes the breath of solidarity.
  • Concrete gestures: with solidarity, gratuitousness and goodness in the first place, hope becomes concrete.
  • Quarantines: yesterday's quarantines and today's quarantine in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Welcome back!: the summer of the "Piazza" boys, despite the fears and uncertainties.
  • A new school is born: with the health emergency not yet completed, the proposals for the restart of the school.
  • Misery and health: fighting the coronavirus through development.


From Nuovo Progetto of October 2020:


Photos: Max Ferrero

Illustrations: Pierpaolo Rovero (

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