Differently together

Publish date 20-06-2020

by Corrado Avagnina

We live a little suspended within a reality that has become complicated and modified before our eyes, because of the risks that can be taken and that must be avoided to the maximum, in the presence of an unpredictable, sneaky, insinuating virus. The unknowns are around the corner, perhaps to surprise us, with the emergency that can be redone sharply, without notice of course. There are the necessary concerns to be assumed, without lightness or superficiality, but there are also the inputs to resume where it is allowed and where it is possible, to regain that coveted "normality" that will no longer be the same at least for a long time. All accompanied by anxieties for work, after forced breaks that penalized companies, the artisan and commercial sector, creating strong fibrillations for people and families, compared to an uncertain present and a precarious future. There have been weeks of anxiety about the wounds that have also come on a strictly economic level: the accounts are in the red. It is not known if it will be able to stand and if it will be able to do it. While recovering slowly, however, we have to reorganize in many concrete aspects, with binding devices and rigid regulations that impose different rhythms, distancing, masks, queues, waiting, controls. In short, a context to be faced with extreme patience and with a sense of responsibility. We will have unprecedented months ahead, a summer to interpret, situations to calibrate. We will have to take into account perhaps (even if we hope not) some tail stroke of the virus. For this we must be careful, scrupulous, meticulous. What is required of us is not a stick in the wheels of life, it is a shelter so as not to fall into some new abyss. A very simple invitation can aim to ensure that this picture, unimaginable only three or four months ago, is "habitable" by each of us who adapts, who feels motivated to be serious, who is not smart in sneaking out of rules. Not a cage but a new way of being together and rebuilding our community, for the best good of all, which is health to be kept as safe as possible. It is also a psychological challenge, but within everyone's reach, weekday, daily, real. To which not to escape. Because we will have to stake our humanity in need of relationships, of communities, of doing "us". Without these concrete but important dimensions, life does not breathe fully, indeed it can go apnea. Creativity, inventiveness, ingenuity will have to be put in place to find compatible ways of being together "differently", bound but not imprisoned, capable of managing these steps even with imagination, betting on a path that is obstacles, but liveable, rewriting habits looking for what is worth above all.


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