Rabbit R1

Publish date 21-03-2024

by Stefano Ravizza

At the latest technology show, CES 2024 (Consumer Electronic Show), Rabbit R was presented, a portable artificial intelligence device that acts as a personal assistant and according to some it was one of the most impressive demonstrations of the show. The Rabbit R1 has the ambition to change the way we use apps and digital services, making the most of the incredible potential of generative artificial intelligence.

The device is equipped with a touch screen measuring less than 3 inches, a 360° rotatable camera, two microphones and a speaker, 4G connection, the possibility of making video calls, a ring to manage the information on the screen and a button to activation. RabbitR1 is absolutely not intended to replace your smartphone. You cannot use it to watch movies or play games.

Its purpose is to make the most tedious tasks easier, from booking a restaurant to buying a plane ticket. Let's just hope it understands something more than current digital assistants…

Stefano Ravizza

NP Febbraio 2023

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