A village for children

Publish date 31-08-2023

by Maria Claudia Brunello

Precious lives

Publish date 30-08-2023

by Arsenale dell’Incontro In Meeting Point Arsenal Meeting Point Arsenal

Page after page

Publish date 29-08-2023

by Simone Bernardi In Arsenal of Hope Arsenal of Hope

Full of thanks: The story of Sermig with Maria

Publish date 28-08-2023

by Guido Morganti

Pencil environment

Publish date 27-08-2023

by Redazione Sermig

Passion for others

Publish date 27-08-2023

by Ernesto Olivero In Editoriali Editoriali

Io la vela, Tu il vento

Publish date 27-08-2023

by Gian Piero Ferrari In Il Manifesto Il Manifesto

Nuovo Progetto - N. 07 - Agosto / Settembre - Prepariamo la pace

Publish date 27-08-2023

by Redazione Sermig In Tutti i numeri Tutti i numeri

How hungry!

Publish date 26-08-2023

by Marco Rossi

One step at a time but without wasting time

Publish date 25-08-2023

by Mauro Palombo In Re.Te. technology sharing Re.Te. technology sharing

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