Publish date 21-12-2023

by Stefano Ravizza

Artificial intelligence is now everywhere - in my opinion more in words than in deeds - but why not exploit it even when we throw away the rubbish?

This is why there is Hoooly!, a container equipped with artificial intelligence connected to an interactive map, which helps citizens locate the bins and helps operators monitor the waste. Hoooly! it is self-powered by solar energy and is built with 100% recycled and recyclable material. Using a special app we will be able to find the trash can in real time.

After we throw something Hoooly! is able to recognize not only the material of which the waste is made, but the object itself, distinguishing brands and internal composition of the materials, then differentiates it and explains to the user in which compartment it was separated and why.

Once full, it will be the bin that will communicate to the manager the need to be emptied, optimizing time and saving unnecessary trips. But as happens with normal baskets, for them to be useful you have to want to use them!

Stefano Ravizza

NP Novembre 2023

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