Passion for others

Publish date 27-08-2023

by Ernesto Olivero

I remember when I was a child running from morning to night.
I thought that when I grew up I could be a runner because I had good breath.
Then they gave me a bicycle and I started pedaling without stopping: deep down I thought I would be a cyclist. Or the soccer player because I was also passionate about soccer.
Then, thanks to the youth groups I attended, I discovered that more than running, more than cycling, more than football, I had a passion for others and was determined to help those in need.
So already as a teenager I chose the field of good and it became my greatest passion. I didn't do well in school, I didn't have any particular skills, but I knew how to love kids like me and younger than me.

When I met Maria I was in my early twenties. I immediately understood that I wanted to marry her but, by mutual agreement, we never stopped caring for each other.
This is how Sermig was born… From an early age the foundations for life are laid and you need help so that the construction of life grows solid.
I thought I was worthless, but I put my heart, determination and passion into everything I did and so I learned to know myself, I learned to understand the gifts the Lord had given me and I put them into play because true happiness is the others happy.
I understood the importance of having the Lord close to me, good friends, available educators.
Let us never forget that the Lord loves each of us in a special way and takes the field every day to play the wonderful game of life.

Ernesto Olivero
NP August / September 2023

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