A village for children

Publish date 31-08-2023

by Maria Claudia Brunello

It takes a village to raise a child, but a village also needs children to grow, to have a future. Children are Ernesto's faithful friends who have always decided to remain a child and to give priority in all the Arsenals to young people and children. When some now white-haired men came to tell us that there was a school in difficulty, we asked ourselves: how are we going to manage this too? Won't that be too much for us? We said yes for the kids.

Surely it's not a yes said to gain, not because we were ready, nor with the intention of expanding; it is a yes said just to say yes to good men who have spent their lives for children and who now feel they have to entrust their commitment to others, so that children can continue to have a village that takes care of them and so that the village can always have children who grow up happy.

Nonna Clara was a sweet presence; with her sweets always in her pocket, she had the right way to "take" the children and everyone loved her a lot... Without her, the Pecetto kindergarten has lost a fundamental point of reference: now there is a need for someone again who gives his life for the children. From children, from a school, a community can gather around and we would like not to live in a hermitage separated from everything and everyone but in a house that intertwines with the life of the inhabitants of our country. We would like the hermitage to become even more of a home for the children. So Pecetto's kindergarten is now managed by Sermig and the children have the opportunity to come once a month to school directly at the Arsenale dell'Armonia. Here they have a huge garden to run around in, a playground just for them, they can meet the animals (for now only Neve, our big dog) and do some activities.

Maria Claudia Brunello

NP Maggio 2023

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