Zazou / Hitchcock - Jackson Browne - Jeff Healey Band

Publish date 13-09-2020

by Gianni Giletti

Zazou / Hitchcock - Surrender
Ambient, trip-hop, electronic, minimal, avant-garde, by Hector Zazou have said everything and the opposite of everything. A prolific author, here he tries his hand at a pop song transformed into ambient / electronic using the female voice of Nicola Hitckcock as a catalyst. Surely original, the value of this song is the dazed atmosphere, distant both in time and in space, like Blade runner (the movie).

Jackson Browne – Rosie
You don't know whether to put it in the box of phenomena or tradesmen. He made extraordinary records but also ugly photocopies. Taken from Running on empty here I propose one of the beautiful ones. Rosie really is an extraordinary ballatona piano and voice that knocks you out (at least to me).

Jeff Healey Band – Confidence man
Blind guitarist out of order, for his way of holding the instrument on his knees, Hendrix-style guitarism, ability to bring out sounds that no one had, thanks to his way of using his left hand on the neck as if he were reading in "braille". See the light (1990), his first album at just 22, sold like hot cakes, played with all the greats, ended up on the Oscars stage and everyone predicted a future as a superstar. Instead, nothing. It simply became one of many. He died in 2008 at the age of 41 from a tumor. His music remains, his solos still made history. Feel this, for example.

Gianni Giletti
NP June / July 2020

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