David Gilmour, Randy Newman e Pino Daniele

Publish date 25-02-2024

by Gianni Giletti

Well, there's little to say here, except that Gilmour was one of the most important rock guitarists of the last forty years and that his way of playing influenced generations of guitarists. The song you listen to is in full Pink Floyd style, painful and poignant, and it couldn't be otherwise; the sound of his guitar is unmistakable, dense, it tells you a story, takes you far away, makes you dream... truly great

Piano and vocal version, the crooked pianism of this authentic champion of American music is splendid, and we recognize a strong originality in his composition, whether it be soundtracks - he wrote a lot - or songs like this. Songs that seem to take you by the hand and take you where your heart dreams, inspired by the images that this music evokes. He's also big...

Song that torments you, melts you, scrutinizes you... forgive the stupidity, but this lopsided song by Pinuccio really gets under my skin due to its emotion and its improbability. Poetic text, a song from times gone by yet very current, it continues to move me every time I listen to it, I have tried several times to sing it and/or play it, but I have never succeeded in a decent way. Never mind, we'll listen to it again. Hi Pino

Gianni Giletti
NP January 2024

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