Simon & Garfunkel - Cristiano De Andrè - Whiskey Shivers

Publish date 25-05-2021

by Gianni Giletti

Simon & Garfunkel – The boxer

What is the secret of a good singer and a talented but a bit boring songwriter / performer? The magic they develop when they are together. By themselves, they arrive at appreciable results (see Graceland for Simon) but not comparable to the poetry they create together. This is their luck / curse. Luckily because it allowed them to write memorable pages, damn it because to do something similar you have to get back together even if it is long over. The charm of this piece is above all - but not only - in the final choruses, so long and unusual that they take you along the roads of dreams.

Cristiano De Andrè – Lady barcollando

From one of the most beautiful Italian records of this century, this song does justice to a great artist, who has the only mistake of having a surname so heavy that it carries in music. The song is a gem, perfect sounds, brilliant musical idea, incisive text, sustaining rhythm, sung with the right attitude. I highly recommend the record it comes from, Scaramante.

Whiskey Shivers - Friends

Despite the band's gallows faces, this song brings joy! Vintage bluegrass, with the usual breathtaking rush of stringed instruments following the theme. Voice, also gallows but at times sweet, hissing the text rather than singing it, with choruses that try and fail to be angelic. Yet these songs always have an effect, they revive the dreams of a child who doted on the Old West, horses, Indians, cowboys. They are the usual "nobody" who make music, tour ball, rare records and just because you have to, screw up and always around. In short, the entire repertoire already seen and reviewed on this devastating column. But every time it looks new. American

Gianni Giletti
NP February 2021

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