Shakatak, Don Henley, Lyle Lovett

Publish date 09-04-2021

by Gianni Giletti

Shakatak – Invitations

Easy listening to the most beautiful water, a nice way to say "elevator music". Epperò has its why. Light funkinello, no singer, better a choir that does not leave the vocalist part empty, it ends and does not commit. He makes me laugh the pianist who plays with one hand and gives us the flute with the other. These are songs that can go on for two hours and keep you company anyway. Plus you dance. Elegant.

Don Henley – For my wedding

At weddings, I listened and played everything. From Ave Maria to Eric Clapton, from Whitney Houston to America, from twelve-tone music to Aria on the Fourth Cord, even Celentano, Yes ... But I've never heard a song like this, unfortunately. Don Henley - singer / drummer of the Eagles - here is overcome by making an extreme synthesis of the concept of "romantic", using only his wonderful voice, a guitar, some bows and a very hidden steel. The result is disconcerting in its beauty and intense even in the text. Recommended for those who get married. Romantic.

Lyle Lovett – Nobody knows me

Nocturnal song, breakthrough ballad, minimal sounds, strings that captivate - especially the cello - expressive, iterative voice. A passage from the chapter “How to make a song that leaves you breathless with three chords and always saying the same things”. Well, Lyle Lovett's voice is one of those things he deserves to have ears for, but here is the expression he manages to give to the song, painful and poignant, that makes the difference.

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