Sergio Caputo - Jeff Black - Isaac Gracie

Publish date 23-10-2020

by Gianni Giletti

Sergio Caputo - Mercy bocù
Natural heir of Fred Buscaglione, with those crooked lyrics, you don't understand if he is making fun of you or if he is serious. Over the years he has become a serious jazzman, a writer, he performs occasionally and you never know what he will come up with. Always pleasant to listen to. I mention only the end of this song: "An orchestra of cats is rehearsing the overture, my show star up there". Crazy huh?

Jeff Black - Folklore
As you may have understood, I am omnivorous, I have been listening to everything for a lifetime! but after a considerable number of years I have regained the charm of the simplicity of the “guitar / voice” alone. Because you have no excuses, technological means, sampled sounds, dancers, videos, lights and all the junk that cheers today's music to express yourself. There you are, stop. Nothing more, nothing less. Essential.

Isaac Gracie - You only live once
You travel in the dark and stormy night (especially these days), you don't see an accident and at some point, here, a light in the distance, shining - you know for sure - just for you. And suddenly, the night is no longer so stormy and not so dark and you find yourself smiling, without really knowing why. Here is the impression that this song made on me tonight, sung by a naturally unknown, of which I had just discarded three other songs. Music is really like this: pretend nothing has happened and then zac !, it hits you, worse than Cupid. Love.

Gianno Giletti
NP August / September 2020

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