Josh Groban - Warren Haynes - Ed Motta

Publish date 18-08-2021

by Gianni Giletti

Josh Groban - You rise me up

Ballatona da lacrimuccia, with all the ingredients to make it an event.
Take a look at the counter on youtube and understand. Very media phenomenon, Josh does not have an immortal voice, the kind that you print in your brain and you never take it off. On the contrary, normal stamp, normal extension, standard color.
That's everything else he does.
Flawless orchestration, killer arrangement and heartbreak video.
This song makes you understand how it is possible to manipulate feelings with music (and with images) if you know the right ingredients, a discreet idea is enough. The ballad, by the way, in my opinion owes a lot to Titanic, it almost seems like a plagiarism. But maybe it's just assonance.

Warren Haynes – Simple man

One of the most convinced "southern rockers" of the role, our blues rock is pure.
With this cover of almost "acid" solos, the voice of a hundred thousand cigarettes, and the guitars lined up in the background, Dr. Haynes continues to convince us even after decades on stage, with continuous tours and records in profusion with his Gov't Mule.
On the road.

Ed Motta – Smile

Brasileiro, but funky. This Eduardo Motta is truly remarkable, who churns out here in a song with an irresistible groove that does not make you sit still on the chair, but invites you to dance. It's really true that music has no boundaries, given Ed's confidence in a genre, theoretically not in his culture. But it works great.
The bass reigns here, taking with him the whole tribe of the other instruments to the end, without ever getting tired, then he has a suitable voice that makes him, but it is precisely the overall sound that strikes and convinces you.

Gianni Giletti
NP April 2021


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