The Books of Dialogue

Publish date 22-06-2023

by Aurora

Leviathans, where is the victory?

by Raniero La Valle - Emi, 2023

Today war is fought to start other wars. It is a permanent conflict, probably asymmetrical, certainly total which, passing from Iraq to the twin towers, from Afghanistan to the current situation of multipolar conflict has led to the current situation. A situation in which no one knows how to distinguish between friend and foe anymore, because everyone is potentially an enemy, and the political and social field is read through the filter of an overturned messianism



Peace, a European destiny to fulfill

edited by Andrea Micheli and Sandro Calvani - Ave, 2023

At the borders of the European Union, conflicts are multiplying. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the latest in a long series of wars which, in recent times, are rewriting the zones of influence. The negative effects of this situation of great instability are numerous: the suffering of the peoples involved, the energy and food crisis, the migratory processes. Peace, a European destiny to fulfill collects the interventions and reflections of authoritative voices on these issues, analyzing both the ongoing conflicts and the tools to prevent them and to stem the serious consequences that derive from them.

Aurora Antonucci

NP Marzo 2023

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