I libri del dialogo

Publish date 24-07-2023

by Aurora

The Roots of Justice

Ways to resolve personal and social conflicts

by Francesco Occhetta

Sao Paulo, 2023

Father Occhetta wonders how to re-establish justice through a cultural conversion that opposes the reparative vision to the retributive one, which is based on the question: what can be done to repair the damage? How to put into practice the "knowing how to do justice" that King Solomon asked for as a gift from God? Justice is the litmus test for assessing the quality and life of governments and democracies. It is also the virtue that can transform the world starting from right and righteous personal choices. Giving those who make mistakes the opportunity to understand their own pain is the beginning of every encounter with the pain of the victims.


Stories and people from a nearby war

by Giammarco Sure

Gemma Editions, 2023

This is the story of a Rai special envoy who, on the day of the Russian attack on Kiev, takes the first flight to Moscow and finds himself following a war which, according to some analysts, should have lasted little, but which ends up turning into a long conflict of attrition which forces millions of Ukrainians to flee and suffer. Giammarco Sicuro is one of the few journalists to have experienced both fronts: from Russia, where he was later evacuated to avoid arrest; to Ukraine, in the territories of the disputed Donbass. Grano is not a geopolitical analysis, but a long and articulated story of the war from the point of view of those who suffer it: the people. Refugees on the run, children terrified in bunkers, the elderly evacuated in wheelchairs under the bombs, boys who improvise soldiers.

Aurora Antonucci

NP Aprile 2023

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