God save the king

Publish date 31-12-2022

by Elisa D’Adamo

On 8 September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II passed away, for 70 years at the head of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth realms. So much has been seen and written about her and the royal family these days.

Newspapers, television and social platforms are full of all sorts of information and images, testifying to these long 96 years of life. I like the idea of telling you about a glam accessory she loves so much: Launer bags. The Queen owned hundreds of them, she wore them for years, on various official and social occasions, considered perfect at all latitudes for their simple elegance, a symbol of her firm and essential style and her unmistakable institutional figure. To match or contrast with her timeless suits in bright or pastel colors, Elisabetta chose this London brand from a young age for its skilful craftsmanship, fine leathers and minimal design.

It is said that her favorite was the ebony black one that matched the shoes, but few know that the precious handbags were often used to transmit "coded messages" to her staff. For example, if during an event the sovereign placed her handbag on the floor, it meant that the conversation was not very interesting; if she moved her purse from one arm to the other, it communicated that the interlocutor was taking too long and, when Elisabetta carried her beloved purse on her left arm and gently squeezed her gloves with her right hand, it was a sign that the conversation was worthy of I listen.
Goodbye Queen Elizabeth.

Elisa D'Adamo
NP October 2022

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