Francine Reed and Lyle Lovett - The Blues Brothers - Alan Parson Project

Publish date 14-01-2021

by Gianni Giletti

The Blues Brothers
She caught the Katy

Here they are!!! Mythical formation for an equally impossible film, with the face and grimaces of John Belushi on the radiator of the car that rides the highways to knock out the Nazis of Illinois and save Sister Pinguina's school. The band was already famous for Saturday Night Live, a very popular television entertainment in the USA, where their unmistakable sound was overbearing. This is the song of the opening credits, a mighty r’n’blues, with winds that pull like gregarious cyclists on the run, lancinating harmonica, granite rhythm part. Legend.

Francine Reed & Lyle Lovett
Why I don’t know
This track runs! Here we have to understand who the man is and who the woman. In fact, she has a dark voice, very masculine, but very effective, which contrasts with his polite voice, truly a phenomenon. The song works because it never gives up, the horn sections push, the rhythmic one too, the voices intertwine without fear ... In short, gentlemen, let's dance! Hello


Alan Parson Project
May be a price to pay
A mind that guides a handful of brilliant professionals. Here it is the composition, the musical ideas, the mix of electronics and real instruments that make the difference. Alan Parson has lived this way for decades and, listening to this song, it cannot be said that he has lived badly. I recommend the album that includes this single. It's called The Turn Of a Friendly Card. Really splendid.

Gianni Giletti
NP november 2020

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