Publish date 29-11-2022

by Stefano Ravizza

Are you looking for an awning? Now there is LumiWeave, the fabric that uses sunlight to create zero impact energy, guaranteeing shade and shelter during the day and light during the night. The fabric collects daytime energy, offering shade and shelter during the day just like a solar awning would; but at night it is activated to offer non-polluting lighting. LumiWeave is a light and flexible shielding fabric, as thin as a sheet. Inside are integrated photovoltaic cells that collect solar energy, ready to be converted into electricity. The printing of the fabric is made with an ink based on copper, the conductive material that allows the wiring.

The fabric is directly connected to a fully recyclable saltwater battery. The control system is equipped with motion sensors, which turn on the lights when people pass by and even allow you to automatically adjust the position of the lamp. shadow. A sort of technological shade that does not hurt with high temperatures.

Stefano Ravizza
NP August / September 2022

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