La trap 2

Publish date 28-10-2021

by Andrea Gotico

Months ago I wrote a rather final article on what I thought about Trap, (which is the music that today's young people listen to most). While finding the use of auto-tune increasingly unbearable ... partly because my ear was forged by James Heatfield's Riffs and partly because it somehow reminds me of fairground bullies, I still feel I have to making that effort that the adults didn't make around me in understanding why I listened to Slayer.

It seems obvious but I feel I have made a not indifferent mental transition and as usual it is thanks to my grandfather who this time showed up in a strange dream, where he was sitting on a boat at sunset while listening to Madame's Sciccherie and saying to me: "Remember where your ears came from!"

Suddenly I realized a long series of things that I struggle to explain, but there are moments when I magically return inside myself and abandon that part of me that would like to have a huge red button that eliminates everything that in my unquestionable judgment should disappear from the face. of the earth.

Thanks to my grandfather, now for the various gangs of the trap I no longer feel a sense of vomiting, but an infinite tenderness, the same as my grandfather felt for me, who in the dream hugs: "Remember boy, those who walk in darkness are you twenty. years ago or so! '
Wait patiently for them at the end of the tunnel.

Andrea Go
NP June / July 2021

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