A second chance

Publish date 09-04-2024

by Andrea Gotico

There are many topics that everyone talks about, complaining about why everyone talks about them, and it's as if we are trapped in a perverse mechanism from which it is impossible to escape. A typical phrase we say is: "But with all the problems this world has, who cares about the flaws of the influencers on duty?". Yet we are all here talking about it anyway! And when we do this, the engine that drives us is always judgment and envy. The protagonists of these stories stop being human, people with a mother, a father and children. They are no longer people with a past, a present and a future, but they immediately turn into a target on which everyone can vent their frustrations. There is no such thing as pity because, not being "human", they are just symbols that the collective conscience of an entire country has decided must be demolished! And the envious have already been queuing up for a long time to take their place. And a quality that all of us have in common is that of feeling better about judging other people's lives rather than living our own. It is almost impossible for us to look inside ourselves, we are too afraid of discovering that even our lives, if they were put on the front page, could cause us a lot of embarrassment. Sorry, but I've always been a bit of a naysayer, and when I start to see too many people rejoicing over other people's misfortunes, I start to almost feel sympathy. My grandfather always told me: "Do you know about the guy who said don't judge and you won't be judged?" Well, I think he was right! So in the end, those who fall from a very high place, perhaps from the bottom of their own ruin, will also be able to have a second chance! Which is what we all want!

Andrea Go
NP March 2024

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