Publish date 27-05-2023

by Andrea Gotico

For some years now, like many other parents before me, I've been trapped in a space-time dimension where all I do is take my children somewhere. I could start many philosophical discussions, but the first one that comes to me is that for years I have dreamed of a world where you don't necessarily have to do anything or go this way. When I was little, once I got back from school and had done my duties – which in my memories are an outrage of picture frames – all I had to do was go to my little cousins' yard and end my day climbing trees, playing football and/ or riding a bicycle. Not today and – apart from the fact that my children no longer make frames and I don't understand why – they have a lot of homework and also have to go to training, to the English course or to scouts or somewhere else now I do not remember. Obviously all these beautiful things, in different times and places.

My dream was that of a different way of life... but unfortunately it's not possible, because if you don't adapt to the system your children will feel different from the others and somehow they will hate you. My grandfather always told me that in a world of intelligent people, an idiot is destined to be alone unless he pretends to be intelligent. So I try to pretend to be intelligent and I think that we have too much and we do too many things and that this is our poverty, but I also think that, in our life, we cannot choose many things except one: and that is being able to work things out from one different perspective. In my case it translates into: «How cool!!
How many kilometers do I have in front of me to spend time with my children!».

Andrea Gotico
NP March 2023

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