From the quarantine

Publish date 30-07-2020

by Andrea Gotico

From the beginning of this story, I look around and think: who knows how many ideas to write about? Someone even dared to say: "Who knows how long to do those things that I have never been able to do!", Even a little bit of that image of the man who saves the country being on his sofa is abused. They certainly do not refer to mine: I am in quarantine with his wife and three children, one of whom has removed the diaper, spreading his "traces" in every corner of the house, including the sofa! On the sofa at my house you can find my daughter who has just looked out over the wonders of Netflix and adolescence (at the same time). Then there is the middle one who struggles between an episode of Pokemon and unlikely approaches to online school. No, believe me, there is no time for the sofa. Never! I have to wake up at 5.00 to study fractions and personal pronouns, the simple past and chlorophyll photosynthesis; I live in a strange space-time between the subjunctive and what I eat for dinner, I don't know what day it is anymore. There is no time for the sofa! At the end of the day I throw myself in bed and feel I have understood the meaning of "everything is done!". We are experiencing a great tragedy, but I cannot help but think of this as an immense and unrepeatable opportunity. I am sure that each of us, wherever he is: on a sofa or in a hospital, submerged in diapers or bent over books, has the opportunity to finally understand that it is from that exact place that the world can finally change. And that maybe in the end we should say thanks to such a small virus that made us understand very big things.


Maggio 2020

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