A vaccine for all

Publish date 22-10-2021

by Gianfranco Cattai

The Campaign is promoted by a partnership of movements, health organizations and research centers around the world, who believe in the universal right to treatment and the internationalism of vaccines.
The spark was given by the Focolare Movement. The signed Manifesto is as follows. Right to care for all We believe that health is a fundamental right of everyone and everyone.
We therefore want to reaffirm the universal right to care and recognition of the dignity of every human being, in every corner of the world.

We want everyone to be allowed access to health services, as an application of the fundamental right to life, favoring the poorest with medium-long term projects that go beyond the emergency response, to be shared with many organizations that deal with this in the world.
Vaccine global common good In this moment of pandemic, we are certain that a global common evil, the Covid-19 virus, can only be defeated with a global common good, vaccination, to be made accessible to all, giving priority to the most vulnerable and needy of the planet, regardless of their individual or national income.
We ask that every person on the planet have access to vaccines, the fruit of the work of the international scientific community, in a universal, fair, free, fast way. We favor proactive actions in favor of the nations left out of the various forms of treatment, we stimulate governments to practice vaccine internationalism, which is the exact opposite of closed nationalism that will never be able to defeat the virus. We encourage the development of vaccine production capacity even in poor countries of the world.

It is urgent to close the current access inequalities between citizens of high-income countries (one in four vaccinated) and poor or emerging countries (one in five hundred vaccinated). Only in this way can the catastrophe of millions of deaths in the coming months and the serious risk for the entire world community, including high-income countries, of developing variants resistant to current vaccines be avoided.
We mobilize a spirit of justice for universal access to the vaccine through the temporary suspension of intellectual property rights and the transfer of know-how and the supply chain necessary to increase production and distribution capacity in less developed countries. The international community must also assume this political responsibility by entering into agreements with pharmaceutical companies to ensure contracts with more generous quantities and prices for poor countries.
Our culture, however, is never to wait only for solutions from above but to roll up our sleeves and take on our responsibilities. For this reason, at the same time, we are mobilizing for a campaign-symbol for the population of the Amazon.

Gianfranco Cattai
NP June / July 2021

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