Nuovo Progetto - N. 7 -Agosto / Settembre - La pace si impara

Publish date 08-09-2022

by Redazione Sermig In Tutti i numeri Tutti i numeri

The darkness of reason

Publish date 07-09-2022

by Luca Periotto

Twice victims

Publish date 06-09-2022

by Fabrizio Floris

Money and morals

Publish date 06-09-2022

by Pierluigi Conzo


Publish date 05-09-2022

by Stefano Caredda

Call them by name!

Publish date 05-09-2022

by Matteo Spicuglia


Publish date 04-09-2022

by Andrea Gotico

Another logic

Publish date 04-09-2022

by Corrado Avagnina

Hunger for bread, hunger for God

Publish date 03-09-2022

by Rosanna Tabasso

In a bottle

Publish date 02-09-2022

by Flaminia Morandi

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