Another logic

Publish date 04-09-2022

by Corrado Avagnina

We still have in our hearts the strong contrast that marked this year's Easter: on the one hand the bi-millennial, consoling, joyful announcement of the risen Lord, on the other the terrible images of a bloody battle, not far from us, who hears no reason whatsoever and goes on merciless, cruel, devastating. Not to mention the other conflicts confined to the margins of attention that make up the distressing puzzle of that third world war in pieces, which marks the planet in hot and burning spots, with other victims, other destruction, other hatred, other massacres.

We were enveloped in darkness, rather than being able to see the light of at least a truce, as Pope Francis - unheard - had asked heartily. There are those who do not want to stop. There are those who only want to destroy what is in front of them to satisfy their thirst for power at all costs. And they are very high human costs. They are wounds, rubble, tears, despair, suffering… that make you take your head in your hands, more anguished than ever. But as believers, even in the midst of a Good Friday of the Cross and Passion that is expanding terribly, we cannot lose hope. We have to start over with words, thoughts and gestures of peace, to share and to transmit in everyday life.

And we must be aware of a temptation, which takes the form of the risk of becoming addicted to conflicts. Pope Francis recalled this: we cannot take war as a given. There is another viable logic that reverses this alleged inevitability of bombs and missiles. The horizon of humanity cannot end up imprisoned within brute force, within the muscular and military clash. There is another story, which passes through our hands. We can and must put in place robust and lucid awareness of democracy, the dignity of people, non-violence, tolerance, rights and duties, the freedom of individuals and peoples, the social feeling with responsibility, the acceptance of other, on solidarity…

To withdraw, to be indifferent, to think of yourself, to take care of your own business is equivalent to opening doors to the follies that break out as senselessly as this war that has invaded Ukraine. Easter, in which we believe, we play it in this daily life where we can raise so much light, from darkness and greyness. Starting with remembering our freedom regained at great cost, 77 years ago, with the end of the Nazi-Fascist dictatorship. April 25 was there to make us careful guardians of this freedom, first of all from within.

Corrado Avagnina
NP May 2022

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