Medical service

The Arsenal of Peace Pace is operated by a voluntary medical service, opened in 1989 to provide treatment opportunities for all those who could not access the public health service. Since then it has expanded the services available, offering not only general medicine and pediatric visits, but also specialist visits, glasses, infantile osteopathic treatments, dental care, which is also in great demand by Italian patients or regular residents but with financial difficulties.
Together with the doctors, pharmacists, nurses and reception volunteers work to sort out the drugs that are donated free of charge for cleaning. There are 120 volunteers that allow to keep open the service that in thirty years has assisted more than 60,000 people for about 220,000 health services.
Over time, collaborations have been established with other services, volunteers (Cute Project, Osteopaths for children) or the NHS (CPO). In 2015 the Coordination of Social Dentistry was born, wanted by the Municipality of Turin, which unites several non-profit organisations to treat the minors followed by the House of Affidium and now also the families in greatest health difficulty.

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