"Ospiteria" guest house

The guest house (“Ospiteria”) of the Arsenal of Peace is located within the Aloisio building, one of the pavilions of the ex military arsenal of Turin. The building was refurbished and converted into a guest house to host young people, families, groups and students who wish to share an experience of spirituality and voluntary work at Sermig. The building consists of five floors and allows to host many people with different needs at the same time. The guests are requested to act responsibly, respecting times, equipments and shared spaces.


  1. Single, double, triple and family en-suite rooms
  2. Rooms equipped for disabled people
  3. Self-service breakfast
  4. A meeting room for up to a hundred people, a play area and a tv area
  5. A private token-operated laundry
  6. A privatechapel with a terrace
  7. Night watch service for any emergencies
  8. A private parking for cars and vans

Ospiteria of the Arsenal of Peace

Address: Via V. Andreis, 18/27 - Via S.Pietro in Vincoli, 24
10152 Turin - Telephone number: (+39) 011/4368566
Fax number: (+39) 011/5215571 Email address: ospiteria@sermig.org

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