Italian classes for foreign people

Our classes of Italian language and culture for adult foreigners started in 2011 and they have helped more than 1800 people, coming from more than 40 different countries. We offer 15 hours of morning lessons per week and our courses last for the whole year, also during summer, to promote social inclusion even for the most disadvantaged.

Our courses are designed for adult immigrants facing a situation of vulnerability and risking social marginalisation, or who came to Italy recently and have a low level of education, or none at all. They are organised in a progressive way, on four levels, from literacy teaching to a middle-high level, taking into account the education background of the participants, but also their psycho-social situation. In the last years, we also created personalised careers.

Our teachers are 30/35 volunteers: university trainees, primary, secondary or high school teachers, head teachers or former ones, but also people coming from different work fields specifically trained to teach Italian as a second language to adult foreigners.

For us, one of the most important needs to become a conscious citizen and aim at social inclusion is the ability to communicate, so the knowledge of the local language, culture, traditions, rules and laws, always balancing it with the conservation of one’s own origins.

Our courses are also a school of life and we work hard to provide diverse services with the following objectives:

  • language teaching through reading and writing, literacy teaching, pregraphism, oral and written comprehension and production;
  • effective communication and teaching of Civics and local traditions and the fulfilment of everyday practical needs related to bureaucracy, health, home life and relationships;
  • integration and exchanges within classes among students and volunteers of different nationalities, cultures and religions
  • integration and cultural exchange within the Italian society, understanding of its mechanisms, help in the use of services, job training and placement

So, our classes are not just a moment of school learning, but also of exchange, creation of relationships, sharing of personal experiences and intercultural dialogue among different countries, cultures, religions and age groups. All of this is possible thanks to many volunteers who freely share their time and competences.

In addition to this,our shelter gives the students the opportunity to create a personal bond with our organisation and helps us to better know and manage each personal situation, help finding the right services and reduce dispersion and vulnerability.

During the year, we organise not only field trips, cultural visits, and film events, but also meetings about health prevention, personal hygiene, infectious and sexually transmitted diseases and nutrition, in collaboration with doctors and specialised mediators of Aspic non-profit organisation.

In October 2016, we launched the project "Donne EWIVERE-SERMIG”, for disadvantaged women and mothers.

We offer modular activities and workshops aiming at the improvement not only of linguistic competences, but also of physical and emotional self care through narration, good domestic practices, manual activities (like sewing, embroidery and painting) and self-expression activities (like theatre, to get to know yourself, activate thinking and favour cultural exchanges). Since 2017, intercultural collaborations with Gioberti high school students and with Ondateatro theatre organisation are active.

If you wish to help our projects and financially support the services we offer to promote socialisation, social inclusion and the discovery of our territory, you can donate to help us pay for field trips and tickets for visits to museums and public transport.

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