Didactic lab

Our Palestra Didattica (didactic lab) aims at offering to children extra-curricular activities to reinforce the fundamental notions they learn at school and create a solid base for their following steps. Firstly, we identify what is considered basic knowledge in primary school and high school and then we design specific games and workshops to reinforce it.

All the activities we offer are thought and designed by a team of experts and volunteers who organise our “Arsenal in the Square”. We can count on the help of an educator, a psychologist and university students.

Our Palestra Didattica is a project that aims at reinforcing fundamental notions of Maths and Italian language through recreational and didactic activities carried out in small groups.

Our main objectives are:

  • the integration of school programmes with extra-curricular activities;
  • the integration of didactics and education with recreational activities;
  • research and experimentation of new didactic modalities for the reinforcement of fundamental notions;
  • realisation of a consistent path, from the first to the last year of primary school, to reinforce fundamental notions and create a solid base for the following steps of the students. We achieve it by selecting limited areas of knowledge to be covered during our activities.

To design the games and activities we offer, we follow a scheme indicating the characteristics, objectives and modalities required for each of them. In addition to this, the list of our games is always being updated, according to the latest didactic methods.

If you wish to know something more about our Palestra Didattica, please feel free to contact us.

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