School support

One of the first things that the families in need ask us is to help their children during their school career. And this is also one of the main goals of our project. In fact, the educational gap created by a poor knowledge of the language used for teaching causes a delay in the acquisition of fundamental notions, subsequently undermining also the acquisition of more advanced skills. Eventually, it will all condition the professional future of the person. Especially for very young children, integration primarily happens at school, like the creation of their future. This period of time is the right moment to start building its foundations through education.

These are the reasons why students, in different moments of the day, according to their age, can come to us to receive the language help they will not find at home to study and do their homework, with a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2.

Our educators and tutors regularly meet the children’s parents and teachers to create around them a network of adults who share rules, aims and educational modalities to favour their growth and welfare, understand the experiences they are going through, their potentialities, issues and resources and decide together how to work on them and with them, depending on their personality and school performance.

In addition to this, we opened a library with more than a thousand books and we run a workshop to help those children who struggle more to learn to read.

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