To Benigno Zaccagnini

Publish date 05-11-2020

by Redazione Sermig

On 5 November 1989 he returned to Father Benigno Zaccagnini, a long-time statesman of the Christian Democrats. A well-rounded Christian, a politician at the service of the people. He too is a friend and teacher ...

To Benigno Zaccagnini

Dear friend,
between us, for a long time,
there were no more barriers,
there were no more distances.
Life with its sufferings,
its dramas, its anguish,
had brought us together.
Our eyes and our hearts were
got in tune and our dialogue
always dense and true, never banal, never useless.
The Lord gave me His caress
and I think she pushed me to call you
and you, as usual, ready to listen to me,
as a father listens to his son.
Like an older brother he listens
the younger brother,
as a teacher listens to a pupil
and you are moved by hearing me speak
of marginalized, of girls with AIDS.
You available to follow me, to advise me in
these follies of God.
And we broke up by giving us an appointment
to go and knock together
at the gates of a building,
to carry the voice of the "voiceless".
Then your sudden call
to another palace,
face to face with the Lord of Life
that you have always loved in concrete facts,
in the cleansing of your life
public and private.
Face to face with your Lord
where will you talk about those you loved,
of all of us who have sought wisdom in you
and of all those who suffer,
but especially you will continue
the dialogue of love with Anna
that step by step followed you,
he supported you, he held you tight to himself.
Dearest friend,
the gift of your friendship
it was a gentle caress
of my ... of your Lord
and thanks to this great love
the friendship born does not die.

Ernesto Olivero

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